She asked,”What happened?”
I said,”Nothing.”

I was gazing at the half moon. She again asked me,”What happened, speechless guy?” and side hugged me.

I was literally short of words. Her hug was warmer than the fire pits beside me. I looked away from her, or else I might have broken down in tears. I did not want her to see me cry because I look terrible.

I really do not know what I was feeling then.I was neither happy nor sad. Probably I was overwhelmed.

I was not in love with the girl beside me but I was in love with her presence, the sky, half moon, sand that was slipping through my fingers, fire artists on my left, louder music I could barely hear and the moment of affection.

Unknowingly, she crafted my dreams into reality. Dreams I saw when I was a naive child.

I was grateful….