As they say the cheese stands alone

Staying at home & doing nothing is not unusual for me, it is like most of the weekends I spend. But this time, entire world is experiencing this with me. This might turn out to be a longer journey than what we anticipated but we are not alone. Almost 7 billion people all around the globe wake up everyday to see how many people have died & got infected while we were asleep. The numbers are haunting & depressing. I am also worried about my loved ones & the entire humanity.

It may feel strange, but you would agree with me that we will miss this time of being isolated, won’t we? I do not recall When was the last time my family played a board game together? I am amazed to see so many artists on my Instagram feed. I know some of them are not as good as they feel but they tried & that is important. Everyone is calling their old friends who were once forgotten. DD National is trying to make everyone nostalgic.

Moreover, I love loneliness. Ah! let me correct ‘Solitude’. It sounds better right? The way ‘Solo’ sounds cool and ‘alone’ depressing.

See, we all are actors. Unknowingly, we pretend to be a different person in different scenarios.
Do you remember your fake smile when the guests you hate arrived at your home?
Do you remember your teacher when school principal walked in during a class?

We all have felt loneliness & we dealt with it in our own ways. Some succeeded. Some failed & Some accepted their fate. I do not know I fall in which category. But I know, loneliness is nothing to do with the number of people you are surrounded by and to be honest, there is not a single correct definition of loneliness. When you go through loneliness, people advise you to talk to people, make new friends & reach out to your loved ones. This might work for most of the people but not everyone.

What if no one turns up for your dinner invitation?
What if no one replies to your WhatsApp?
What if you are not able to open up about your loneliness? What if you do & they do not understand?

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