Do Not Smoke

“I am sorry, I don’t know about Vietnam War. But yeah, I heard about it in a movie Forrest Gump.” I said.

She squinted at me & smirked. After all, she knew about partition of India and I couldn’t even pronounce ‘Hanoi’.

“I miss my home.” She told me.
“Why don’t you visit your family?” I asked & paid for Vermicelli Pasta.
“I can’t go back.” She winced & lit up her cigarette & said, “Truth or Dare.”
“Truth or Dare”, she screamed.
“Truth” I said without a second thought.
“How do I look?” She exhaled smoke.
“Hmm hmm an innocent girl who recently started to smoke.” I whispered.

“Joke?” She said & murmured few words in a different language.

It was 2:54 am and we both were among last few people sitting there. I really wanted to go back home and sleep but she insisted me not to go.

“You must see sunrise from my apartment.” She blinked twice & yawned.

It was like 3:30 that morning & we were on our way to her apartment.

“Maybe you shouldn’t smoke so many cigarettes.” I told her.

“Maybe you should start smoking.” She giggled.

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