An Open Letter To My Best Friend Going To Abroad

Dear Best Friend,

You are going to travel to new country soon. Before I say anything, I am really happy to see you travel on your own. It will boost your confidence and give you a change you deserve. At the same time, I also know you are little worried and anxious about the weather and your survival, but you chose to go there, which is important and brave. You will not just survive the extreme weather but you are going to enjoy your cold palms.

London, Feb 2020

This time you are not travelling with your close friends so, you are going to discover a part of you, you never witnessed. There are few things, I want you to remember. Everyone has their own way of exploring places when they travel which may differ from what you want and it is absolutely okay. If you want to take rest a day, when all are going out, it is okay. If you want to go for an expensive place, while all disagree, it is okay. It is okay if you don’t save money on this trip and spend everything. You might have good or “less good” experiences ( I wish you don’t face any bad experience) of your life, so cherish every moment because these will be the stories you would share with me. It is okay to miss home, feel sad & lonely on certain days. Always remember you have me, always in all ways.

Not everyone is going to like you and your choices but I am proud of you for the choices you make.

I love you and miss my company on your trip to London.

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