Move on?

After a long day at work, she wants to come back home to have a strong coffee with him & talk about her day. She wants to go offline and get lost in her own little world with him.

But she returns home tired & silence screams in her ears. She always wanted her independence and has no regret about her decision.She ignores most of the calls & notifications. She cries every night and ends up eating her favorite butterscotch ice-cream. She wakes up on the sofa and feels caged.

Source : Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

In the attempts of repairing her failed relationship, she destroyed herself more and more. She begged to be loved for a long time and one day, she broke up with him over a call but could never unlove him. Before she started to love him, she was a naive girl with dreams. They were in their mid-twenties but fell in love like teenagers.

She always searched for him in her next relationship. He was a template of expectations for her and no body could fulfill what she desired. She still waters the dead plant everyday instead of nurturing the garden she owns.

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