First Love!

“I loved him more than I love you,” She admitted.
“I know, you already told me this last time when you were drunk,” He tried to keep a straight face.

She looked up towards their newly nailed photo frame on the wall, sadly.

“I don’t deserve you.” She whispered. “I thought it would not matter in a year but it does. What if I never get over him? I tried to stop loving him, unknowingly fell in love with you but I waited for a miracle. I waited for him to apologize and come back. I betrayed you.” She sat beside the unfurnished cupboard, pulled her knees up, and cried.

He was quiet for a long moment and later said,” How do you quantify & measure love? I have never been in love before so I don’t know the answer but honestly, I do not want you to love me as you loved him. I am not him. I don’t call your name the same way. I don’t kiss you the same way.”

She rested her head on her knees with an embarassment.

“Stop picturing us kissing, I know I am a better kisser.” He said with a smirk.

She smiled heartily and said, “But your jokes are terrible.”

He sat down and held her hands. “I will never forget the day when I first rode a bicycle, then how can I ask you to forget all ‘firsts’ of your love life.”

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