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An Open Letter To My Friend On Her Birthday

Once again, we are not together on your special day, let’s blame it on a pandemic this time. So, I thought I would write you another letter following the tradition. First, I want to know from your parents how they planned to have a coinciding celebration of your birthday with their wedding anniversary! Anyway, I […]

Emotionally Detached

After a long day at work, she wants to come back home to have a strong coffee with him & talk about her day. She wants to go offline and get lost in her own little world with him. But she returns home tired & silence screams in her ears. She always wanted her independence […]

Sunset and Wings

I paint damp patches of the wall in cerulean blue every month and wait for Friday evenings to break the fetter around my legs to see sunset. Days are longer so, I re-read all her letters. I kissed one of those letters the other day and It smelled like a closet I had in my […]

Not a single text

I don’t know where to start… Let’s start with nothing Nothing is wrong, but everything doesn’t seem right. You ask me what has changed? How I know it’s different? I felt like one day I won’t receive your message and we will be strangers again I felt your absence. It was like waking up one day, with […]


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Hi, I’m Ganesh Mobu. I spend most of my time for my full-time job but this blog is for my hobby of writing poems & fiction excerpts and sharing with you!

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