As they say the cheese stands alone

Staying at home & doing nothing is not unusual for me, it is like most of the weekends I spend. But this time, entire world is experiencing this with me. This might turn out to be a longer journey than what we anticipated but we are not alone. Almost 7 billion people all around the … Continue reading As they say the cheese stands alone

What Shanghai has to say?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is the most discussed and a serious threat to the entire world. Many countries have imposed quarantine and lockdown which has impacted millions of lives. However, Shanghai, the megacity of China with a population of about 2.5 crores has dealt with coronavirus outbreak better than most of the cities in the world. … Continue reading What Shanghai has to say?


अटकलें थी बाज़ार में कि दुनिया तबाह होगी..क़यामत के बाद आदम हव्वा की एक नई सुबह होगी.. समंदर से शायद सैलाब भी आयेगा..आसमान से कोई आग भी बरसाएगा..धरती हमारे बोझ से थक जाएगी..शायद शून्य पर जम जाएगी.. चंद्रग्रहण अब लाल होगा..तांडव करता जब काल होगा..बारह वर्ष बरसात ना रुकेगी..पृथ्वी जब अक्ष पे ना घूमेगी.. क्षुद्र … Continue reading अंत